FINA Masters World Records - Nov 2000 update

                            Changes from May 00

In this time period, Canada lost 4 World Records ! Attention Cdn Masters,
circle the wagons and pass the ammunition. Some folks are in for more than
participation !

Diane Foster lost 4 of her WR's (2:28.02 200 LCM, 5:10.57 400 LCM, 10:36.52
800 LCM and 5:02.03 400 SCM). Barbara Dunbar and Celeste Miller each took 2.

The WR by Peter Bell (200 br 3:05.24 SCM 65-69) broke a record formerly held
by another Canadian, Nick Templeman. The WR set by Eva-Marie Hakansson in
February 2000 was accepted in this time period. It also improved on a record
set by a Canadian ! Peter Bell's time was set at Halifax in May. Eva-Marie's
record was the 100 br in 1:18.59.

Meanwhile the accepted WR's by Jonathan Banville (30-34 200 br) was after
the record set by Roque Santos (former Olympian); likewise the other accepted
WR set by Eva-Marie Hakansson (40-44 50 br) was slower than the time set
earlier by her but faster than the one at the beginning of the period.

Simple, right ?

As of Nov 2000, the US had 217 Relay records, followed by Japan 10.

Among Women,  the ranking was: USA 332, Japan 46, GBR 39, Germany 38,
Canada 21, Australia 16, Brazil 12. 

Among Men, the USA had 373 records, Japan 70, GB 28, Germany 27, Brazil 10,
Spain 8 and Canada 7. This was a small decline for the US, a good gain of 12
by Japan. Japan's best showing seems to be in the 50 breast in ages over 60.

In total (Relays, Women, Men) the USA are leading with 922 records,
Japan 126, GB 67, Germany 65, Canada 28, Brazil 22, Australia 20.
So we're still in the game. (Meaning the Canada-Australia rivalry game).
For Brazil a spate of records were set by Gastao Figueiredo (90+) and
Maria Lenk (85+). Maria first set a WR in 1939.

All these numbers include the 20-24 age group (called 19-24 in the US) and all
4x100 and 4x200 relays. All these events are unofficial for FINA, and most of
these records are now US-held.

Gus Langner holds 29 World records. Ray Taft has 18. Frank Piemme has 15,
followed by former Olympian Rowdy Gaines, William Specht and Graham Johnston
all with 13. Gus is 95.

In the Women's race, Karlyn Pipes has 34 World Records, Laura Val has 31.
The next 3 are Yoshiko Osaki 21, Ardeth Mueller 20, Gail Roper 19.
Then there is Doris Steadman with 15. Karlyn is now 35-39.

Due to records broken the number of discrepancies between the FINA list and
this list went down by 2, still leaving 31 discrepancies (mostly women).
(records seemingly good, not accepted by FINA for some reason).

The value of World Records now stands at 87 094 pts (Canada 75 282). The
World-Canada gap is widening.

Among very many amazing performances, the most amazing I think was by
Jim McConica who swam 2:02.50 for 200 free LCM as a 50-54 swimmer.
Jim was a Mark Spitz contemporary, but swam till '74. He was recently
spotted at a US meet by Canadian master Peter Cruise of BC. Ask Peter
for more information re McConica's yardage.