In Memoriam.

Here is a (partial) list of Masters who have sadly left us recently ....

Cliff Barry (1946-2021)
Cliff was a 2 time Olympian in water-polo.
Coached Victor Davis to a gold and silver medal at the 84 Olympics in Los Angeles
(200 and 100 brst).
Was a very succesful Master swimmer at both ETOB and Pte Claire.
He passed away one month after learning he had cancer.

Larry Judge (1923-2015)
From EMSC. Passed away age 92. Had set an initial Cdn record at 200 IM LCM.
In 2011, as 85-89.

Beth Whittall (1937-2015)

A quick glance at the record history credits Beth Whittall with 48 records set.

This is certainly below the real numbers as I do not have a full record history
during the 70s.

But it shows that her first records were set in 1974 (50 free SCM),
her last in 94 (800 LCM).

Her masters career may have been cut short by a broken arm suffered at the
1996 USMS meet (Ann Harbour).

Her range covered all free events and all fly events.

Born in Montreal in 37, she spent time in both Quebec and Ontario,
finally settling there.

She was instrumental in creating the Masters movement in Canada in the early 70s
The first Masters meet took place at St-Laurent in 73, and she swam in the 74 meet.
(Etobicoke can point to an earlier meet in 1972 - SCY).
She was proud to show Etobicoke Olympium (EOMAC) as the best Canadian club in the early 80s.

One Tony Jarvis (1968 finalist for GBR) also was involved in those efforts.

 Dobri Dinev 1947-2015

 Dobri Dinev, immigrant bulgare a du venir au Canada vers 1992 environ.

 Il a inscrit ses 2 filles a Samak Jackie et Ilena). Puis David Pham notre
 entraineur ‚nergique l'a fait rentrer avec les Maitres de Brossard avec
 lesquels il a particip‚ aux championnats du Monde 1994 a Montreal.

 Plusieurs records du club.

 Puis il a fond‚ son propre club (MADD, Maitres Amis de Dobri Dinev).

 Un petit club surtout form‚ d'autres nageurs bulgares, mais aussi Abdeltif
 Ben Haddad (alg‚rien) et les freres Botbol (marocains).

 Un vrai club international.

 Il a toujours montr‚ une vraie passion pour la natation et est all‚ a
 beaucoup de competitions a l'‚tranger (Europe, Australie etc).

    A etabli 13 fois un record du Quebec, dont 11 fois au dos.

 Jeanne Carlsen (1958- Nov 2014)

Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer just over a year ago Kathleen Jeanne Carlsen,
born Oct 28 1958, affectionately known as Jeanne to friends and family, lived
life to the fullest, she carried that torch to her last breath, she adored her
three children Kristopher, Laura Kaye, and Erika, and her treasured newborn
grandson Gunnar. Loved by her brothers Dave and John and her extended family.

A spirited competitive swimmer all her life with her husband Glenn Carlsen
always at her side, together they not only swam but owned and operated Fitness
Equipment Calgary from the summer of 92, until it's recent sale.  Jeanne was
a highly ranked Masters swimmer holding world records in her age group and some
of that championship spirit can be accredited to her mother Kaye Ferguson, and
her late father Rich Ferguson, who were both Olympic athletes in their day.
She passed away from complications of the advancing Cancer on Nov. 25 2014 at
Foothills Hospital.   Courageous to the end she was still working out the day
before and dancing in the halls.  She was  one of the great ones touching many
lives and will be missed.

Please join us in celebrating Jeanne's life well lived at the Park Memorial
Chapel, 5008 Elbow Dr. SW.  at 2 o'clock Sunday the 30th of Nov.  with a reception
to follow with snacks and beverages. Dress is purple casual, you are invited to
wear your Jeanne's Team shirts.

In lieu of flowers the family have asked that donations be made to Jeanne's
pancreatic cancer fighting initiative,
A swim event to be held Jan 1 2015, go to the web site and find out more.

 Jaring Timmerman (1909- Nov 2014)

 Winnipeg's Jaring Timmerman, swimming world record holder, dies at 105

 Timmerman died early Wednesday at the Grace Hospital in Winnipeg.

 "What an amazing man," his daughter, Donna Klassen, said.
 "He thrilled many people and his family. We will miss him greatly,
 but we have wonderful memories."

 Earlier this year Timmerman, just a few weeks shy of his 105th birthday,
 set Masters World Records in both the 50-metre freestyle and 50-metre
 backstroke events. The times were 2:52.48 and 3:09.55 respectively.

 Klassen said her dad's record quest in January was his final time in a pool.

 "He felt he pushed his heart so hard he might have overdone it," she said.
 "But he was so disciplined. He would count his strokes and say that it should
  have taken him 27 strokes, but he did it in 26 so he bumped his head."

 Swim Manitoba executive director Mark Fellner was saddened to hear of
 Timmerman's passing.

 "I was just shaking his hand three months ago when I was on deck for the
 presentation of his two certificate papers," Fellner said.

 "What struck me was young swimmers got out their pens and had him sign their
 T-shirts. 12- and 13-year-old kids were going to an aquatic in his hundreds.
 That's inspiring.

 "He inspired generations to come."

 Timmerman didn't begin swimming competitively until he was 78 and a snowbird
 in Tucson, Ariz., but after winning gold in the 200-metres category he didn't

 "I thought I wouldn't stand a chance... they were all ex-college champions,"
 he told the Free Press in January.

 "Lo and behold, if I didn't get gold."

 Timmerman went on to swim to four world records in the 100-104 age group,
 along with 23 national records, with seven of them in the 85-89 group,
 four in the 90-94, eight in 95-99, and four in 100-104.

 Bob Groff, a Masters swimmer himself and director of Master Swimming Canada,
 said Timmerman will be missed.

 "He was a great model for swimmers," Groff said.

 "He kept in good shape. We would rearrange our meet schedules to meet his

 Earlier in life, Timmerman was president and general manager of
 Grain Insurance & Guarantee, now the Wynward Insurance Group.

 Walter Samek December 20, 1934 - August 19, 2014

 (from George Park)

 Sam was a backstroke swimmer. He swam on our club Hamilton Aquatic Club relay
  teams, in Hamilton Ontario Canada.

 He was also a member of our Canadian Champion ship waterpolo team, he was the
  left winger. He played on our team that defeated the Hungarian 1956 Olympic
  Champions. He threw many a pass to me. We are very sad .

 (from C Berger)
 Walt Samek held several backstroke masters records in the mid-80s at 50+.

 George Tombler (1924- Nov 2013)
 Well known figure around Ottawa, swam with CAPS, active for close to 30 years,
 and is shown rather many times on the 80 and 85+ All Time lists.
 Age just short of 89.

 Addition by Lynn Marshall:

 George Tombler, long-time Carleton University Masters Whitecaps swimmer,
 passed away peacefully on November 17th, one month shy of his 89th birthday.
 He last competed in 2009, his first year in the 85-89 category.
 Although in poor health, he often talked of coming out of "retirement"
 to swim in the 2014 Montreal World Masters Championships in the 90-94 category.
 Always a friendly face on the pool deck, he will be sorely missed.

 Gertrude Blais (1928 - Dec 2012)
 At age 84.

 A long time Brossard member, perhaps not of national caliber,
 yet set a total of 9 Quebec provincial records in the 80's.
 Also had set 61 club records, all of it at breaststroke.

 Tim Salpeter (26 Jun 1965-12 Sep 2012)
Died from brain cancer which he was fighting for more than 2 years.

A great swimmer from Alberta, curently owning 2 NRs at 40-44 brst: 1:06.20
and 2:27.70, amazing swims achieved at Etobicoke May 09 SCM.

Here is a list of the 9 NRs set by Tim Salpeter:

20-24 brst SCM
Tim Salpeter        EMSC AB      31.46  Edm Apr 88 
Tim Salpeter        NAIT AB      30.75  Cal Apr 89 
Tim Salpeter        EMSC AB    1:09.33  Edm Apr 88 
Tim Salpeter        NAIT AB    1:08.98  Cal Apr 89 
Tim Salpeter        EMSC AB    2:40.19  Edm Apr 88

40-44 brst SCM
Tim Salpeter        EMSC AB    1:07.55  LB  Dec 08
Tim Salpeter        EMSC AB    1:06.20  Eto May 09 
Tim Salpeter        EMSC AB    2:29.73  LB  Dec 08
Tim Salpeter        EMSC AB    2:27.70  Eto May 09

 Vinus VAN BAALEN (1942-2012)
 Swam 100 free at 1964 Olympics for Holland. 
 Swam in heat 1 of 9 in the 100 free in 56.80, did not advance to semis
 Swam 3rd leg on 4x100 free relay (55.0 split) Team was 9th with 3:43.80.
 Moved to Ontario, then Alberta. Died from bladder and bone cancer.

 Current NR's as of Aug 2012 (9)

 50fre 25 65-69 0:26.73 LTH APR 07
 50bak 25 65-69 0:32.48 EDM DEC 07
 50bak 50 65-69 0:34.12 ADM FEB 08
100bak 25 65-69 1:15.78 WIN MAY 07
200bak 25 65-69 2:50.06 ETO MAY 09
100im  25 65-69 1:14.56 ETO MAY 09
 50fre 25 70-74 0:28.23 AB KEL MAY 12
 50bak 25 70-74 0:34.15 AB KEL MAY 12
100bak 25 70-74 1:20.02 AB KEL MAY 12

The following 2 swims were WRs:
 50fre 25 65-69 0:26.73 LTH APR 07
 50bak 25 65-69 0:32.80 LTH APR 07

As of Dec 11 had broken a Cdn record 47 times.

 Noel Oxenbury Morrow (Dec 25,1918-Jan 23,2012)

 We learn from Carol Gair that Noel Morrow passed away last week.

 She was 93 and died from a fall at home which lead to a broken hip and
 complications.  She died at the hospital with her daughter Carol Anne present.
 (Carol Ann was a world class diver, competing at the 1960 and 1964 Olympics).

 Noel has had an extraordinary career. She was a 1936 Olympian, and a Gold
 medal winner at the 1938 Sydney, Aus. (BEG) Commonwealth Games.

 Noel also competed in the 1934 BEG in London  and had qualified for the
 cancelled 1944 Olympics.  After which she began her coaching career with
 the Crescent Beach SC in S.Surrey, BC with numerous swimmers going on to
 provincial and national teams, including Allan Brew.

 In 2003 she was inducted into the BC Swimming Hall of Fame

 She returned to Sydney for the 2009 World Masters Games, and won double Gold
 at her specialty stroke. So that she won Gold in the same city (if not in the
 same pool), at the ages of 20, and later (71 years later) at the age of 91 !

 She currently owns 11 Cdn Masters records (4 as 85-89, 7 as 90-94).

 Eugene Lehman (1913-2011)
 January 26, 1913 - December 15, 2011
 Eugene died peacefully at home in the pre dawn hours of Thursday, December 15
 with his wife Shirley at his side fulfilling his wish and her promise.
 Eugene, born in New York City, Canadian by choice, graduated from Yale University
 in 1933 with a Bachelor's degree. He completed a Master of Arts degree from
 Columbia University Teachers College in 1937. During WWII, the United States
 Army Air Force sent him to the University of Chicago where he studied Meteorology
 and became a military weather forecaster. He achieved a Ph.D. in Statistics
 from the North Carolina State University in Raleigh in 1961.
 Eugene spent his life and career as a professor, teacher, and life-long educator
 and learner. He was a world-class, medal-winning, Master's swimmer and amateur
 pianist. He was a passionate Chess player and instructor. He is survived by his
 wife, four grown children, and five grandchildren. Eugene donated his body to
 the McGill Medical School's Anatomy Department. A memorial service is being planned.

 During a 22 year Master career (1986 to 2008) (ages 73 to 95) he set 2 WRs,
 83 National records and 176 Provincial records. He currently holds 10 National
 and 17 Provincial records.

 Because he swam a 200 fly at age 90, I kept telling him that by year 2100,
 (thought experiment) he should still be around the All Time Top 20 by then.
 while many current holders of an All Time Top 20 spot might not.

 His immediate reply was "2100 is not a leap year". True and most people
 don't know that ! (Eugene was a Math teacher).

 Lillian Warren (Sept 9, 1919 - Aug 4, 2011)

 From the Mtl Gazette:

 My mother, Lillian Warren, formally of Lachine Quebec,
 died in Maple Ridge B.C. on August 4 at the age of 91 ... weeks shy of being 92.
 She is predeceased by her loving husband Fred and her elder son Bumpy and is
 survived by her son Kenneth and her two beloved grand children Annik and Lincoln.
 She will be remembered for her ability to stay on her feet till the end.


 Lillian joined DDO Masters at age 68, yet still managed to break 95 Quebec
 records in her career. She also owns 13 Quebec records. She currently holds
 4 NRs, including a 50 minute 1500 swim at 90-94 done in March 2010. 

 She and husband Fred were commonly seen at most Quebec meets during that period.

 Pat Hammond Jan 6, 1939 - Feb 7, 2011
 Longtime member of the DDO Masters swim team.

 Ed Reynolds (1915-2011)
 Died from pancreatic cancer at 95.

 Ed swam with MAAA, Mtl in the 80's and 90's, setting many records, several
 of which still standing today (11 provincial and 2 national).

 One record of his that impresses me the most (I was there to watch it) was
 the 100 free SCM, 1:29.70 at age 82. Set in the same pool of the 2011
 National Meet (Claude Robillard).

 Of course Ed will remain in the All Time Top 20 for quite some time.

 Jack Gallagher (1918-2010)

 A long-time Master, Jack Gallagher (and his wife Pat) was seen at many BC
 meets and elsewhere in the 80's and 90's.

 John Howard (Jack) Gallagher, was a member of Masters Swimming Canada for
 many years and participated with his wife, Patricia, at many national
 championships.  He passed away  Jan 27th, at age 91, but he kept swimming
 until last year when his congestive heart failure finally made him stop.

 Gallagher, John Howard (Jack) - It is with great sadness that we announce
 the passing on January 27th of beloved husband, father, and grandfather,
 Jack Gallagher. Jack was born in Vancouver, BC and grew up in Modesto, CA,
 Edmonton, AB, and in Vancouver. He served honourably with the Royal Canadian
 Engineers in World War II and returned home to work as a pipefitter.
 Jack is survived by wife, Patricia, daughter, Diane, son-in-law, Nick,
 granddaughter, Miyuki and sisters Ona and Bette. Members of the Canadian
 Masters Swimming Association of which Jack and Pat were active members for
 many years will remember Jack fondly.

 Jack still rates some swims in the Masters All-Time (20 deep) rankings.

16 JACK GALLAGHER          NSM  BC  4:10.25      NVA APR 98  (80+  200 SCM)
14 JACK GALLAGHER          NSM  BC 18:58.00      NVA APR 98  (80+  800 SCM)
15 JACK GALLAGHER          NSM  BC 39:01.83      VAN APR 95* (75+ 1500 LCM)


Gordon Van Tol 1960-2010
A member of the 1984 Water Polo Olympic team.
Swam with the Nepean Masters club he last 5 years, and a member of a
record-breaking relay team.
Go see
for a remarkable list of people who admired greatly his calm and great
manners, inside and outside the pool.

Laura Harris 1955-2009
Laura Harris, whose determination to overcome the obstacles life put in her
way made her an inspiration to everyone who met her, lost her battle with
cancer Monday night. She was 53.
A Kiwi by birth, she grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand and only arrived
in the Valley in 1979, but her impact here was strong.

Harris never gave up, according to friend and swimming training partner,
Leanne Sirup. The pair trained for several marathon swims in Cowichan Lake,
the most memorable being the day they conquered its entire 34 km length in
August of 2002.

Harris, a diabetic, required regular insulin while she swam, and had to fuel
up with carbohydrates to keep her energy high enough for the onerous task she
set herself. Her husband, Kent, led the team that supported her, canoeing
beside her all the way.

Laura swam 22:02 for 1500 as 40-44, and was 5 th All Time best with a 23:06
1500 as 50-54.

Fred Warren 1920-2009
Died 20 April 2009.
Had been in Masters since his late 60's along with wife Lillian.
Familiar couple swimming for DDO.

Harold Johnston 16 Sep 1924 - 17 Sep 2008

Had set the following butterfly records 75-79 SCM:

Harold Johnston     EMSC AB      46.85  EDM Apr 99
Harold Johnston     EMSC AB    1:55.22  EDM Apr 99

Dick Degner 1934- 2008 ?
From Alberta, primarily a breaststroker.
Also a great fan of sailing according to Wally Henne.
Times in the AT lists:
60-64: 3:14.93 br 
65-69: 1:34.37- 3:22.89  br
70-74: 45.47 - 1:41.64 - 3:39.97 br
Also found in LCM lists.

Norbert Artus 1914-2008

 Norbert Artus died Dec 9, 2008 at age 94.

 Born April 1914 in France.

 At a time swam with Alex Jany, the French world-record holder after WW II.

 He moved to Montreal in the 50's and won several long-distance races.
 Swam with the likes of Regent Lacoursiere (and also Eugene Lehman).

 His son Didier (now 56) also won some long-distance races in 1969.

 His wife Renee also did some Masters racing in the early 80's
 (she died last year also).

 Norbert discovered Masters in 1981. Set very many records
 (a few of which were broken by Maryan Stipetic and Christopher Smith).

 Today Norbert still owns 23 Quebec records, 12 National records and
 1 World Record (80-84 13:50 800 LCM).

 Several of his NRs had also been WRs for a while.

 He died of pneumonia.

 Will be exposed Dec 20-21-22 at 3254 Bellechasse, Montreal.

       800fre 50 70-74 NORBERT ARTUS        12 45.90 CNMN QC OLY JUN 84
       400fre 25 75-79 NORBERT ARTUS         6 32.58 PPO  QC SFY MAY 89
       800fre 25 75-79 NORBERT ARTUS        13 27.40 PPO  QC SFY MAY 89
      1500fre 25 75-79 NORBERT ARTUS        25 15.05 PPO  QC SFY MAY 89
       100fre 50 80-84 NORBERT ARTUS         1 39.00 PPO  QC MTL JUL 94
       200fre 25 80-84 NORBERT ARTUS         3 27.63 PPO  QC MTL JUN 97
       200fre 50 80-84 NORBERT ARTUS         3 17.87 PPO  QC MTL JUL 94
       400fre 25 80-84 NORBERT ARTUS         7  8.10 PPO  QC MTL JUN 97
       400fre 50 80-84 NORBERT ARTUS         6 54.60 PPO  QC MTL JUL 94
       800fre 25 80-84 NORBERT ARTUS        14 46.09 PPO  QC MTL JUN 97
       800fre 50 80-84 NORBERT ARTUS        13 50.05 PPO  QC MTL JUL 94
      1500fre 25 80-84 NORBERT ARTUS        28 21.48 PPO  QC MTL JUN 97

Beverley  Bev Tucker 1935-2008:
Proud member of the 1952 Olympic Synchronized Swim Team.
Bev was a member of the "Ontario & World Masters Swim Teams"

(From Bryan Finlay:)
What a wonderful ceremony for Bev today in Collingwood.

The presentations by Glad Bryce and by Bev's grandchildren were
particularly memorable.  And the minister made Bev sound almost like a
family member for him.  The hymns were similarly inspiring.

An incredible life, impacting on so many people at all stages
throughout.  As the minister said, it makes us remaining mortals feel
as though we are under-achieving.

Claus Koch, Wes Musial, Janet Mayville, Chris Smith, Doug Munds and
Cheryl Blay all made my six-hour trip worthwhile.

An incredible, spirited individual, Bev is an inspiration for us all to
seek for greater contributions to our families and fellow man (woman).

We all wish Bev fair winds and favourable currents on her solo swim to
that final shore.

Bryan Finlay

Excerpts of Eulogy:

Beginning in the 1950's, Bev's early interest in swimming was in the
synchronized swimming area when she was part of a delegation to the
1952 Olympics which attempted to get Synchronized swimming introduced
into the Olympics.......

Bev served as President of Masters Swim Ontario for a couple of years,
`just doing her part' as she termed it....

Many of you know that Bev was training for the Fina World Swim Championships
which are being held in Perth, Australia in a week or so from now.
Less than 3 weeks ago, Bev was in the pool training for her events & she had
planned to enter the Ontario Championships held at the end of March as a
final training event before going to Perth.  She had planned to compete
in the Canadian National Swim Championships to be held in Quebec City
this May after she returned from Australia.....

Robert Cundill 1947-2008
The Globe:
ROBERT E. CUNDILL 1947- 2008 The directors and staff of MacDougall,
MacDougall & MacTier are saddened by the death of their valued friend and
colleague, Robert Cundill. Robert was a highly respected veteran of the
Montreal investment community, with a career that spanned over 40 years....
A renowned Masters swimmer ....

The Gazette:
CUNDILL, Robert Edward. Died peacefully at home on January 30, 2008 in his
sixty-first year.....

Best times achieved by Robert Cundill:
Fly LCM 31.18 (35+), 1:12.22 (45+), 3:04.06 (40+) and 1:21 at 50+
Fly SCM 30.30 (35+), 1:11.51 (40+), 3:01.14 (40+) and 1:17 at 50+

Arthur Hall 1941-2008
At yesterday's Alderwood meet I was made aware of the recent death on Jan 19
of Arthur Hall of the Brock Masters team, age about 67.
Arthur competed against me over many years as we aged up just 2 yrs apart
over several age groups.
Art had surgery for a brain tumour last year and seemed to recover but had a
recurrence just last month.
He was a faithful MMC logger so let's think about Art this week as we log
our metres and give thanks for our continuing good health.

   Charlie Lane

Jim Panton 1914-2008
PANTON, James in Vancouver, Jan 14, 2008. Born Feb 22, 1914 in  Saskatchewan.
At university,established a PAC 10 long-jump record that stood for 18 years
and was a Silver Medalist for Canada in LJ at the 1938 British Empire Games.
Settled in Kelowna, retired in 1976, and began Masters Swimming at age 75.
When he retired at age 91 from Masters Swimming at the 2005 Edmonton Games
he was consistently ranked world top ten in his age group and had won more
than 140 gold medals from 48 meets spanning that time.
Still held 2 Cdn records (both 90-94 50 brst)

Rose Allen 1915-2007

(contribution de Helene Jacques).

Aujourd'hui avait lieu le service funeraire de Rose
Allen decedee d'un cancer le 17 septembre a l'age de
92 ans. En 1994-95, elle avait nage pour le CMNQ et
etabli des records personnels et a relais (320) avec
Jeanne Turgeon, Narcisse Lepage et Benoit Drouin.

Elle avait aussi participe au Championnat du monde …
Sheffield et y avait obtenu des medailles dont elle
etait bien fiere.
Ayant appris a nager seulement … l'age de 49 ans elle
s'etait impliquee aussi en donnant des cours en  nage
Je n'ai pas retrouve de traces de ses records, Jeanne
les ayant tous battus.

(Rose Allen avait battu de nombreux records a 70+, 75+ et 80+).

Jack Galvin 1930-2007:

(Participated in the 85 World Games and the 86 Tokyo World Championships
among many other meets. He seemed to like the 1500 - 23:46 in 83, 23:40 in 86
SCM and 24:36 in 85 LCM).

Jack Galvin - Gators notice

 Jack Galvin has been a Masters Swimmer for many, many years and has many
 friends in the swimming community that he has met through MSO.

 Jack died on Friday, August 31, 2007.

 Sept 2, 2007 -  A tribute to Jack Galvin

 Dear 'Gators'

 Jack Galvin, a fellow 'Gator', touched all our lives in a positive way
 with his laugh, smiles, hugs, enthusiasm and love of life.  At 77, he had
 the  appearance and vitality of a man 20 years younger and a childlike
 quality that endeared him to all.

 As a 'Gator' at competitions, you could see him watching swimmers on
 either side and giving that extra push to win his race.  I will always
 remember  him at a 'Gator' bike picnic, in sandals, racing me, laughing all
 the way or skiing like a whirlwind on the ski hills of Craigleith.  He learned
 to  ski at 65, a feat in itself.  It seemed like nothing was too impossible
 for Jack to try and enjoy trying.  He told Agnes and I two weeks ago that he
 wanted to participate in life for as long as he could.  He swam and played
 tennis until a week or so ago.

 Jack was a force in our Swim Club. When Parks and Recreation decided to
 stop supporting us, Jack, along with others, attended meeting after
 meeting to keep the Club going.  They succeeded, producing the Club we have
 today  with Jack as our first President.  A commercial artist, he designed
 and  produced both the 'Gator Flag', that you see at all swim meets and other
 functions, and the logo on our team swimsuits and outerwear.

 Jack died suddenly on Friday, August 31, 2007 from complications of his
 newly diagnosed leukemia.

 It is hard to believe he left so quickly. We will all miss Jack Galvin, a
 lover of life, 'Gator' and friend.

 Sandy Oliver, President NYMAC

Doug Petty 1952-2007:
Very well-known figure at Nepean. A rather good swimmer too.
Long time Nepean Masters Swimmer Doug Petty passed away May 31, 2007.

Doug was a member of our swim team since 1984 and swam at many Nationals,
Provincials and local swim meets.  Doug was an extremely quiet and modest
individual.  He was our long time web master (serving the swim team in this
capacity for over 10 years).  He was a very accomplished individual
with a Phd in Nuclear Physics.

Doug had heart failure while cycling in the Gatineau park on Sunday May 27th
and passed away in the hospital on May 31, 2007.

Any one who has competed against or knew Doug and would like to add their
comments please do so at:

Benoit Allaire 1933-2007:
Benoit was an official and then a master swimmer from CMNQ.
Mostly active in the late 80's. When his lane-mate Fernand Renaud died,
he decided to switch to cycling. In 2005 for instance he cycled from
Mascouche to Quebec (279 km) in 10 1/2 hrs, the oldest competitor.
He passed away at age 74.

Mike Collingwood: 1941-2006:
To me sort of a pioneer figure. I had many races against him in the early to
mid 80's. From the Ottawa area. He would often come up to Montreal for meets.
As he was slightly older (and faster) than me, I estimate his age at death at
about 65. (Assumed correctly).
Info from Mike Olsen. More details at

Dorothy Bullen 1913-2007
BULLEN, Dorothy Irene, born April 10, 1913, passed away peacefully with
family, on February 9, 2007, in her Deep Cove home of 64 years.
Dorothy will be remembered by many as one of B.C.'s oldest competitive
swimmers participating in B.C. Seniors' Games and Canadian Masters swim meets
until age 88.

She broke several BC and National records, especially in backstroke.
The last year she participated was 2000, as 85-89.

Ian Button 1975-2006
(by Barry Doucette, NMSC)

It is with great sadness that I am informing everyone of the passing
away of Ian Button on Sunday, April 9, 2006.
Ian was a swimmer, cyclist and tri-athlete.  Ian swam with the Nepean
Masters Swim Club and cycled with the Ottawa Bicycle Club.
He swam on Saturday at the Technosport and posted a personal best in
the 200m IM.  My understanding is that he was biking on Sunday and
could not be revived after collapsing.

He was the registrar for the NMSC, an excellent lane mate, and a
good swimmer. Ian has about 15 years of competitive swimming
experience, 10 years with the Gander Lakers in NFLD and 1 year
varsity with the Acadia University Axemen..  When asked about his
most satisfying accomplishment as a swimmer he stated "I was going
to put a time down or some sort of improvement but I think generally
I'm happy that I'm now a faster and stronger swimming than when I
was 17 and swimming varsity.  However, if you really want a best
accomplishment I think I'll go with this one...20:15 for 1500free
Ontario Masters Provincials 2005."  In two years and three 1500
swims he has taken 2 minutes off his 1500 time.  In 2005 he was
ranked 3rd for the 1500m sc free in Canada in his age group.  Ian is
also a competitive road cyclist.  

Ian is survived by his wife Michelle who is due to give birth to
their first child in June 2006.

We have to be passionate about our lane mates.....

  Barry Doucette

Alain Laliberte 1943-2006
Died age 62 on Feb 26 after 1 week in coma, following cardiac arrest
after a 400IM in La Salle.
A master for 20 years, widely respected as a swimmer, official, and meet
manager. His death came as a shock to many. He was a very good swimmer,
proficient in all strokes.

Martine Jeffrey 1963-2006
Swam in a WR relay in 97. Had to stop swimming the following year
while developing an eye/sinus cancer. Remission ensued, but cancer
reappeared in 2005. She died in early 06 at age 42. She had 2 children.

Ken Boyd 1942-2005
 Ken Boyd, DRM of BC.  Originally from Scotland.
 He and his wife were basically non-swimmers when they became Masters.
 Showed great improvement and became a popular member of the club,
 Nicknamed "Flipper Man" because of his heavy use of flippers.

 Ken retired from BC Hydro in 2004 and it wasn't long after
 that he died from a sudden stroke in May, 2005 at the age of 63.

Yvon Lasnier: ? - 2005 approx.
A longtime member of the Remous de Longueuil (80's and 90's).
Estimated age at death: 70. A retired fireman.
Hope to add details later. Info from Roger Massy.

Edouard Dubord 1919-2005
Auteur de 10 records du Quebec en 60-64, 7 records en 65-69,
ce nageur de Victoriaville affectionnait les longues distances
(1500 en 39 minutes en 96, 40 en 97, 43 en 99 et 00, 50 en 2001).
Mort du cancer.

Wilbrod Bourget 1952-2005
Died from cancer. Leaves a wife and two daughters behind.
A very nice fellow, this Montreal swimmer from CAPN, had been a master for
maybe 10 years. From modest beginnings he was able to place in all 18 events
in the 2003 Provincial rankings.

I last saw him at the Feb 04 Quebec LC meet where he scratched everything.
He drove me back down to Mtl so we could enjoy a 2 hr+ conversation.
Strange how this sickness can strike seemingly anyone at random.

Allan Brew 1939-2004
Allan was killed this week by a falling crane at his workyard in Delta, BC.

Allan Brew swam for Canada back in the 50's and was one of the talents out
of Ocean Falls and later swam under coach Noel Morrow (1936 female Olympian
and now an 85 yr old Master). He was also on the 1954 Commonwealth team.
There had been a big fuss about his being so young at the time (14).

Some of his known times are winning the 220 yards breast in 2:58.0 in Vanc
Can Nats in 1957 (Peter Bell won it in 1958 in 2:43.2 a Can Rec)

In 1958, Allan came 3rd in the Commonwealth trials at McGill in the 100 yards 
back with a 1:02.0.

He later trained and swam for Carole Gair with the Winskill Otters Masters
competing at one Master meet only. As a 63 yr old master, he swam 40.38 back
at Tsawassen, Feb 02.

John Grootveld 1944-2004 (copied from MSO verbatim)

The swimming community was shocked to learn of John's passing away on
December 5, 2004. John had been active as an official since 1976 when his
children started swimming. During this twenty-eight year period John had
risen to be one of the most respected Master Officials in Ontario,
officiating at many meets including at the national and international levels.

He was also a regular official at Masters meets in the GTA. He was President
of NYAC for many years, also active with Swim Ontario and the Swim Ontario
Central Region Board. For the last several years he has been the Chairman
of the Ontario Swimming Officials Association, the body responsible for
training officials and overseeing swimming rules in Ontario.

The reduction of government grants encouraged this organization to look
elsewhere for their training funding. In 2000, under John's leadership,
OSOA entered into an arrangement with MSO to host the 2001 Ontario Masters
Swimming Championship. They have done this for four years and next year will
be co-hosts of the Canadian Masters Swimming Championships at the Olympium.

John was an active member of Etobicoke Masters (EOMAC) for the past 6 years,
including 2 years as vice-president. Besides officiating at all their meets
his most fun was competing in meets where his fellow-officials would
scrutinize his strokes and turns in an effort to DQ him, but John always
outsmarted them and swam correctly whenever they were watching.

John swam a 36:17 1500 at Eto Feb 01, but his brst times were much better
(48 and 1:52 LC). He swam at the London Feb 01, 02 and 03 LC meets. 

Gunter Karl Richter 1934-2004
(input from the MSO website).

On November 24, 2004, Canadian swimming lost one of its pioneers.
Gunter Richter died in his 71st year. Born in Gladbeck, Germany in 1934,
he swam from an early age with Gladbeck 13, a club named for its year of
incorporation. Following the second world war, he and several of his
swimming mates emigrated to Canada in 1954, swimming initially with the
Winnipeg YMHA, then moving to Toronto to swim with the Etobicoke team
at the old Memorial pool.

From there it was on to coaching, initially at Etobicoke, and then on to
North York. He was particularly proud of his twenty year coaching award,
received in the early 1980's, which recognised his superior technical
coaching skills. He was also proud of the great technical start he gave all
his swimmers, twelve of whom went on to become Olympians.

Masters also received the benefit of his skills. He coached and swam with
Etobicoke Masters, taking part in Masters meets and insisting that any
swimmer, new or veteran, could improve their swimming skills if they tried.

He was a pretty good master as the following shows.
Here are some of times achieved in 86-87 as a 50-54 swimmer.

Back (38.92, 1:29.70, 3:22.71), brst (39.65, 1:29.27, 3:19.13),
and also IM (1:22.67, 3:08.00).

Alex Crosthwaite Oct 04
The death of Alex Crosthwaite has been reported.
Born April 1940, he died of a heart attack (age 60).
Former age group swimmer and 1963 provincial champion, he rejoined masters
in the late 90's on the advice of Dr Ann Walling (herself a good swimmer
and master) after having had several attacks in his 50's.
A vey quiet but very good master swimmer, Alex who had joined DDO, was the
holder of several breast and fly provincial records.
A very sad departure.

Thelma Roach March 28 - 26 Jun 04
Died from Alzheimer's disease, at age 76.

One of the founders of Masters Swimming in Ontario.
Thelma and Ted Roach founded the Alderwood Teddy Bares in Etobicoke.
Much like Ted who held a multitude of National records, so did Thelma,
especially in the late 70's till early 90's. A true pioneer has departed.


Russ Donaldson Oct 39 - July 04

Suffered a massive 100 % blockage of an artery and died almost instantly
while swimming in a BC lake competition (Sasamat Lake).
A somewhat intense competitor plagued with a cardiac history.
In the 60-64 category, he set a Cdn record 3 times, all of them at 1500 m LC:
(24:53.09 Aug 99, 24:42.97 Apr 00, 24:11.88 Jul 00).

Kerry Duvall, involved in the same race, was the first one "on the scene".
Attempts to revive him were unsuccessful.

Hui Lee 1964-2004
From Soo, Ontario, Hui apparently died from a heart attack while leaving
the pool after the Ontario provincials.
This was later modified to a brain aneurysm (as per Alexandra  Devine).
A complete swimmer he had been points leader in 1999 and 2002.

Henry Rechel c1938-2004
Believed to be one the founders of CMSC (Calgary) in 1978 or so.
Died from cancer.

Pierre Messier 1944-2003
A resident of St-Bruno, Que but swum for Brossard from '86 to 94.
Held many club records in butterfly and was on many club relay records.

Arthur Inglis 1932-2003
Arthur Inglis died most unexpectedly from a massive stroke on Aug 31.
After a long career as a succesful businessman he joined Masters at age 68
and quickly started to turn out remarkable times.
Not surprisingly after turning 70 he started to break many NRs, most notably
in backstroke. He also was on a WR breaking relay record in NZL in 2002.

Arthur was admired by everybody, his charm and sense of humor playing a part
certainly. He swam with TECH in Ottawa. Prior to the 2003 Natls, he held
8 National Records, with times of 1:16.06 free LC, 1:27.89 IM SC, and all
six back records (38.24, 39.02, 1:27.77, 1:29.34, 3:17.84, 3:20.47)

Additional contribution by Norma Powell:

I am delighted that Arthur is being recognized as the excellent competitive
swimmer he truly was. For approximately 65 years it was my pleasure to have
known Art, his parents and siblings.  The Inglis children went to school with
me and Art was possibly one of the best loved guys on our youthful swim team,
the Victoria Flying "Y", coached by the well known Archie MacKinnon.  There
was no doubt Art had the necessary spirit to succeed in the pool, but he
never left behind his cheery disposition and sense of humour that seemed to
bring our team together in laughter.
Arthur Inglis should best be known as "Talent Unlimited", for he was a
fantastic interior designer, wonderful swimmer, professional ice skater with
Ice Capades and needless to say, a very successful businessman.

Though gone from our presence, Art never will be forgotten by the many who
loved him and called him friend.  May he rest in peace.

Gary Gallon 1945-2003
I regret to inform you that Gary Gallon has passed away. He died from a colon 
cancer first contracted 4 years ago. A fiery competitor, he was a leading
sprinter out of Etobicoke in the late 80's (national record holder at 50 free
and fly 35-39). He reappeared in 1995 in Montreal joining the newly formed
YMCA Westmount club. There he was soon breaking all kinds of provincial
records in the sprints.  He was sidelined with cancer in 99 but came back in
Oct 2000 to break the provincial 50 fly record again (33.03 50-54) !
So sad to see such a fine person go. A lifetime non-smoker, he wondered if
second-hand smoke or working with pesticides in BC as a young man ever were
the real causes of his affliction. He was an energetic ecologist, writing
weekly colums on the subject. We will not forget Gary Gallon, a gentleman in
and out of the water.

John (Jack) McBride 1906-2003
Swam in the 98 Natls at age 92 ! Reportedly died from cancer.
From Calgary, sporting what could be Navy tattoes.

Ian McCloy (2003)
Mike Stroud advises us that Ian McCloy has passed away.
He died of a heart attack while in San Diego recently. In his early 40's,
Ian will be sadly missed. A very good swimmer, he twice held a national
record (200 fly in 1985 and 400 free in 1994).

Additional comment by Geoff Camp (from the MSO site):
"I met Ian in 1976, when I was a first year swimmer at Dalhousie, and he was
at Memorial. I was immediately struck by his quiet strength, his wicked sense 
of humour, and his unwillingness to let me beat him at any distance or stroke.
For my four years at Dalhousie I never beat him at anything. After Dalhousie
we lost track of each other, but I knew I'd see him again.

Sure enough, I moved to Ontario with work in the 1980's, and who should turn
up at Masters meets but Ian, once again beating me as usual. I was in Toronto,
and he was in Sudbury, but somehow every time I hoped to crack a record he
was in the pool ahead of me, cheerily finishing long before I did."

Wayde Mulhern (2003)
Actually from Minnesota, but often seen at Cdn National meets. Wayde died
in his sleep of a heart attack.
Wayde was a pretty good backstroker. He was 44.

Meredith MacPherson Stalwick (1955-2002)
Sue Schmidt (Sask) advises us that one of the 2002 Nationals Championships
co-chair - Meredith passed away on December 28, 2002 after her long fight
with cancer. I had exchanged a few words with Meredith while at Saskatoon.
Meredith will be greatly missed by the swimming and golfing communities.
She was 47.

Charles Woolls 2002
The BC newsletter reports that Charles "Chuck" Woolls passed away last
Oct 2002. He was 87.
Chuck became a Master at age 67 ! He was present last May at the Sask natls,
where we exchanged a few words. I first met Chuck at the 93 natls.
He swam for West Kootenay.

Margery Anderson (7 OCT 02)
It is with sadness that we have learned the passing away of Margery Anderson
She learned to swim at age 4, but joined Masters at age 87 ! During that time
she of course set many BC, Cdn and World Records. She was the oldest Canadian
Master ever, and the oldest active Master in the World. She impressed me most
when I saw her at Edmondon 1998, finishing all her races with a valiant sprint.
Needless to say, several generations of her family were on deck watching !
We will remember Margery for a long time.

Doug Bell -2002
Died July 2002 from colon cancer.

26 Nov 2001. Cecile Gosselin est decedee.
C'est avec tristesse que j'ai appris le deces de CECILE GOSSELIN.
Elle etait tout pres de ses 76 ans. Passee Maitre depuis au moins 1982, elle
avait etabli et detenait encore un nombre impressionant de records.
Une personne epatante, elle s'occupait auparavant de natation synchro. 
Elle avait de nombreux amis a Montreal, a travers tout le Canada,
(Winnipeg surtout) et avait pris part a de nombreuses competitions

De nombreux Maitres se joignent a moi pour une derniere priere. 

Nov 26 2001. Cecile Gosselin has passed away.

It is with sadness that I have learned the passing away of CECILE GOSSELIN.
She was close to 76. She has been a master since at least 1982 and had set
and still held an impressive number of records. 
A most wonderful person, she also had been involved with synchro swimming 
prior to her master career. She had many friends in Montreal, across Canada,
(Winnipeg especially) and had competed at many international meets abroad.

Many masters will join me in a moment of prayer.

Shirley Schmidt 1950-2001
Died from cancer. From Etobicoke.
Very strong swimmer, breaking many Natl records from 1983 on.

Benoit Drouin 1915-2001
Benoit Drouin, CMNQ, qui avait ete l'accompagnateur de Jacques Amyot
lors de ses deux traversees de la Manche.
Mort du cancer a 85 ans le 6 janvier 2001 … Michel-Sarazin Quebec. 
Avait detenu le record du Quebec du 100 brasse 75-79 (2:35.72) a MN Mar 90.

Naomi Peers 1913-2001
Swam for YMCA, then Brossard. Died Feb 01 from cancer-related condition.
Her best stroke was breaststroke.
While in her 60's, she set 6 provincial records. 3 more as 65-69,
18 more while 70-74 (including an 800) and 8 more while 75-79.
Many of these were also national records. Her 1989 200 br in 6:14 (75-79)
stood briefly as a WR.

Allan Kimmel - March 2000 
Allan Kimmel,50, died from a heart attack during practice, a week after his
last meet, the DDO annual invitation. As usual he and I had exchanged
pleasantries at that meet, at which he set his last provincial record.

A fierce competitor, the tall swimmer from Pte Claire, then DDO was present
at all the major competitions. Mostly good at sprints, he at various times
held the Quebec provincial 50 breast records, in more than one age group.
His son, Joshua was a good age group swimmer as well.

At the 1994 Worlds in Montreal he was just a few feet away from that American
swimmer who died right after his 100 back. He came away shaken by this
accident which was witnessed by about 1000 people. Little did we know ...

Cam Weir 1912-2000 ?
From BC. Father of Bob Weir from Ontario,
Started masters in his 70's to answer a challenge from his son

Stan Powell 1932-1999
BC swimmer, active the last 10 years or so.

Additional contribution by Norma Powell:
My husband Stan passed away in 1999.  From their teen years Art (Inglis) and
Stan scarcely were seen separately.  They attended the same schools, swam on
the same team and each had a great sense of humour.  With those two around
there never was a dull moment.

Stan learned to swim at an early age and enjoyed swimming recreationally and
competitively throughout his entire life, having competed at the Honolulu
Masters Meet just ten days before his death as a result of pneumonia.
Our family is proud to say that Stan had coached high school swim teams in
excess of thirty years, at the time of his retirement a record throughout B.C.

Roy Jacobson 1956-1999
Very good swimmer out of North York.

Bruce Fairbrother 1947-1999
Bruce was a longtime MSO registrar

From MSO:

The executive of Masters Swimming Ontario is deeply saddened by the death of
Bruce Fairbrother, our Registrar. Bruce died suddenly from a heart attack at
the age of 52. Services were held on April 23, 1999.

Bruce volunteered as an MSO Director-at-large from 1984 until 1987, two years
of which he also performed the duties of Registrar. In 1987, Bruce resigned
as a Director to assume full responsibility for registrations. In 1991, Bruce
also accepted the duties of Executive Secretary and he performed these duties
up until his death.

Bruce competed at the 1981 Ontario Championship as well as in the 1984
Ontario Championship, held in his home town of Kitchener-Waterloo, where he
won a bronze medal in the 1500m Freestyle.

Bruce's efficiency was such that many were unaware of how tremendous his
contribution was to the smooth operation of Masters Swimming Ontario.
Bruce will always be remembered for the numerous hours of hard work he so
generously performed for MSO. He will be sadly missed.

Sharon Cockerton , President MSO

Rick Wood 1958-1999
Swimmer from Etobicoke, active master since the early 80's.

Peggy Quirk 1997
One of the early Quebec Masters pioneers.
She was the mother of the great Wendy and Jill, and also Diana and Val.
Between 1973 and 1982 she was credited with 46 provincial records.
She probably had had many more. Cancer was the likely cause.

Pierre Viau c1950-1997
Swam only 1 race as a Master (50 free in 1981), but as a long-time
Administrative director of the FNQ was prominent in developing
Masters in Quebec.
Died from a neck cancer.

Hud Stewart 1909-1997

Member of the 1932 Canadian Olympic track team.
May be considered the original Canadian Master swimmer.
His time for 200 back at the 1973 USMS meet stood as a WR for several years.

Arthur Ritch 1953-1996
Died April 96 at age 43 during practice at Carleton Univ.
Good swimmer and very fond of triathlons. Competed at the Ironman.

John Service  1930-1996
From Scotland, then BC.
Great breaststroker, set many Natl and World records
late 80's and early 90's. Died of heart problems, Oct 96.

Edgar Smith 1914-1996
Died Feb 96. Swam unattached. Father of Roy Howard Smith.

Fernand Reynaud 1923-1995
Died in Dec 95 while in practice. Swimmer from Quebec City.

Simon Girard 1935-1995
From Alma, Que died age 60 in March 95 right after finishing a 200 br.
Simon was not a very fast swimmer but seemed to enjoy all events.
His daughter Maryse was a coach at Brossard.

Bob Martin 1994 ?
From the MAAA, Bob Martin was the first Quebec master to hit the 75, then 80,
then 85 age group.
Mostly swam backtroke. Dying from cancer, he asked to stop his dizzying
medication so that he could swim at the 1994 World meet in Mtl.
He died soon after the meet.

James Bohan US swimmer 1994
58 yr old. Died after an immense effort at the 100 back at the
Montreal Worlds. A turn judge later said he looked "purple".
Already had an history of heart trouble. Entered at 1:31, he turned in
an impressive 1:27.06. He died in full view of about 3 000 people.
Wife said: "He died happy, doing what he liked best".

David Mitchell c1954-1994
From Alberta. Cardiac arrest in a workout, his family had a history of
bad hearts.

Ron Lowean 1993
Dec. 10th, 1993 -Dr. Ron Lowean , chief of staff , Kenora District Hospital,
died on deck during a Masters workout of cardiac arrest. He was 49 yrs old,
had a family history of heart disease.

Ted Aardse 1993 ?
Breaststroke swimmer from Repentigny, Que.
Broke 3 provincial records late 80's. Raised horses as a hobby.

US Swimmer 1992
Collapsed at the Indianapolis World meet after the 5K swim. Age 65.

Barbados Swimmer 1992
Died during the 3k swim.

Pat Milsom 1918-1992 ?
Very strong swimmer, broke natl records at 65+ and 70+.
Etobicoke. Was nominated on the 1936 Olympic Games team.

Debbie Olsen c1956-c1992
From Alberta.  Died from leukemia.

Frank Taylor 1991 ?
For a long time the oldest Cdn master. Held records up to the 1500.
Died of testicular cancer.

Marsha Vaillancourt 1991 ?
Died in her late 40's from a brain aneurysm (ACV) she had had a few years
earlier. She was working as a nurse.
Wife of Gilles vaillancourt, an early and influent Brossard president,
Sister of Ross Holden, the great PC then DDO breaststroker.
First Brossard member to swim masters meets (in 78 and 79).

Guy Renaud Apr 1990 
From Hull. Died of cancer very young (33).
Had set the Quebec 30-34 50 back record with 31.28 in Nov 88.
In the early 70's, was doing 1:04 bk LC.

Tommy Walker 1989 ?
First Cdn swimming masters at 85+ (50 back LC).
Had coached Beth Whittall at the 55 Panams.
1924 Olympian at diving.

Godfroy Cote 1988 ?
From Hull, died from cancer.
Had set 3 Quebec records in backstroke, 1986.

Henriette Parent 1988 ?
Died of cancer around age 60.
Was the founder of the Hull Masters club (Dauphins de Hull).
Had been active as a master late 70's, early 80's.

Kingsley Broadbent US Swimmer 1988
Before entering the Brisbane, Australia World meet, was entered at the NZL
warm-up meet. Right after his 100 brst in 2:19.41, he collapsed. He was 75.

Celine Plamondon 1988 ?
From Brossard, died from cancer, age 60.

Claude Hamel 1984 ?
50+ from Brossard. Died from Cancer.

Albert Peers - 1980
Died of a heart attack at the Pte Claire 1980 LC championships early in the
1500 m. He was 55-59. Survived by Naomi Peers and Gail Desjardins (niece)
who both later swam for Brossard.

Alex Wallis 1925-1980.
Early great swimmer from Alberta. Died of lung cancer.