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Statsman - Christian Berger - World Swim Stats

20 OCT 13

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As of Dec 2003/As of Sept 2013. World Senior Natl Records. (National Records of all Countries in the World)

(Points files are small, NR files are large)

(SCM Ntl Records have been made at least equal to LCM Natl Records)

(Print Warning: the 4 NR files add up to 15 300 records or 255 pages !)

(Maximum of 70 Events per Country, No Relays)

(300 Entities = 194 Countries, 25 Sub-Countries, 81 Minorities)

Men LCM Pts -101
Women LCM Pts -102
Men SCM Pts -103
Women SCM Pts -104
Total Pts -105
Geog.Dist.Pts -110
Sub Count.Pts -111
Minorities Pts-112

Men LCM NRs By Time -106
Women LCM NRs By Time -107
Men SCM NRs By Time -108
Women SCM NRs By Time -109

Men LCM NRs By Country -116
Women LCM NRs By Country -117
Men SCM NRs By Country -118
Women SCM NRs By Country -119

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